Spring 2018 issue

Edited by Sarah Breyfogle

Programming for Short Film Festivals: An Interview with Massimiliano Nardulli

Professor Dina Iordanova speaks with the prominent short film festival programmer about working across nations and languages, living in Eastern Europe, and the drive to support young and up-and-coming filmmakers.
Monday May 28, 2018/by Sarah Breyfogle

In Defense of the Poor Digitization: Reflections on the Domitor Journals Project

What does "digitization" of archival film materials mean in practice? Domitor has been attempting to answer that question as they develop their own archive, and Prof. Michael Cowan relates that exploration.
Thursday May 17, 2018/by Sarah Breyfogle

Shaping Women’s Screen Voices: Research Notes from the Margaret Herrick Library

Dr. Jennifer O'Meara relates her research process for her latest project, exploring the history of how women's voices have been shaped on screen.
Thursday May 17, 2018/by Sarah Breyfogle

The Last Testament of George A. Romero

In July 2016 George A. Romero died, leaving us with a vital legacy. Professor Tony Williams argues that Romero remains unmatched in his capacity to represent the political anxieties of the century.
Thursday May 10, 2018/by Michael Arrowsmith

Hara Double at the Brattle

A video essay by Joel Anderson from the Setsuko Hara Workshop held at the University of St. Andrews in February.
Friday May 4, 2018/by Michael Arrowsmith

Community Filmmaking for Gender Equality in the Pacific

Dr. Leshu Torchin writes a summary of the Community Film-making for Gender Equality in the Pacific conference as well as an exploration of possible future pathways.
Wednesday May 2, 2018/by Michael Arrowsmith

Interview with Dr. Philippa Lovatt

New lecturer Dr. Philippa Lovatt speaks with Cine-Files about her research, experiences, and recommended films.
Wednesday May 2, 2018/by Michael Arrowsmith

Multiple Screens, Multiple Cinemas, and Multiple Voices – Prof. Malte Hagener at St. Andrews

September Liu reports on the recent Centre for Film Studies presentation, which focused on an overlooked aspect of film history: the use of split-screen and multi-screen in the films and culture of North America in the 1960's.
Wednesday May 2, 2018/by Michael Arrowsmith